17: Hap Klopp, Founder - The North Face

Hap Klopp, Founder and Former CEO of The North Face, joins Andy to talk about the connection of Brand with the DNA of a company, how he started The North Face, and the lessons he learned from the failure of one of his investments.

Hap's Drink

Moscow Mule (The Spruce)

2 oz Vodka
1 oz Lime Juice (preferably fresh)
8oz Ginger Beer

Garnish: Lime Wedge

Pour the vodka and lime juice into a highball glass or copper mug with ice cubes. Top off with the ginger beer. Garnish with the lime wedge.


Hap Klopp (LinkedIn)
The North Face (Website, Twitter: @thenorthface)
Conquering the North Face: An Adventure in Leadership (Amazon)
ALMOST: 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley Dream (Amazon)

9: John Volkmann, CMO - QDVision

Friend of the firm John Volkmann, CMO of QDVision, drops by to talk with Andy about lobbying in Europe, marketing in China, the "spouse marketing strategy," and Uber in Austin.

"If you’re doing your job [in marketing, you are] translating complicated things into simple things"

"[Brand is] going back to what’s the problem is and what’s the product"

“[Rule of thumb in TV] If you see people dancing that means they had nothing to say”

John's Drink

2014 Te Whare Ra (TWR) Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough


John Volkmann (Twitter: @johnvolkmann | LinkedIn: john-volkmann-89348a)
QDVision (Website)
Momentum: How Companies Become Unstoppable Market Forces (Amazon)
Ron Ricci (Twitter: @RonRicciCisco)
Uber and Lyft End Rides in Austin to Protest Fingerprint Background Checks (NY Times)

Download the file here

7: Michael Mendenhall, CMO and CCO - Flex

Michael Mendenhall, the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer of Flex joins Andy for a wide-ranging educational (and inspirational) conversation on the brand transformation at Flex, learning the art of narrative at Disney, being hazed at HP, and the need to be opportunistic and flexible in your organization and your own career.

"Art of narrative and storytelling sometimes gets lost in this world of engagement and interactivity."

"If you want to be marketing… never be intimidated by things you don’t know"

"Opportunities present themselves… seize them. Don’t overthink."

Michael's Drink

Moscow Mule

1/2 oz lime juice squeezed from limes
2 oz vodka
4 to 6 oz ginger beer
Chilled copper Moscow Mule mug

Squeeze lime juice into a copper mug and leave in the spent lime. Add a few ice cubes, then pour in the vodka and fill with cold ginger beer. Stir and serve.


Michael Mendenhall - Twitter
Flex - Website | Twitter
Virginia City, Montana - Wikipedia
102 Dalmations - IMDB
Wonderful World of Disney - Wikipedia
Tidal - Website

Download it here


5: Barbara Holzapfel, CMO - Taulia

In this episode, Barbara Holzapfel, the Chief Marketing Officer of Taulia, talks to Andy Cunningham about the similarities between consumer and B2B marketing, hiring for passion, the transformation of the enterprise technology landscape while at SAP, and women in technology.

Barbara's Drink

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne (non-vintage)


Barbara Holzapfel - Twitter (@bnholzapfel) | LinkedIn (barbaraholzapfel)
Taulia - Website
SAP Run Simple - Microsite
Anita Borg Institute - Website
Grace Hopper - Wikipedia
Grant McCracken - Wikipedia

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4: Kevin Knight, Head of Creative and Brand Strategy - Pinterest

For this episode, Kevin Knight, Head of Creative and Brand Strategy of Pinterest, joins Andy to talk about brands, his love of advertising and why Mormons would be great at marketing beer.

Kevin's Drink

Virgin Moscow Mule

1/2 cup Ginger Beer
3 tbsp Fresh Lime Juice
3 tbsp Club Soda

Mix ingredients in a copper mug 3/4 full of crushed ice. Stir together. Garnish with lime.


Kevin Knight: Pinterest: kevinjknight, Twitter @kevinjknight
Kevin's Drinks for Mormons#flightofthekevin
Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl Commercial: YouTube

Download file here