9: John Volkmann, CMO - QDVision

Friend of the firm John Volkmann, CMO of QDVision, drops by to talk with Andy about lobbying in Europe, marketing in China, the "spouse marketing strategy," and Uber in Austin.

"If you’re doing your job [in marketing, you are] translating complicated things into simple things"

"[Brand is] going back to what’s the problem is and what’s the product"

“[Rule of thumb in TV] If you see people dancing that means they had nothing to say”

John's Drink

2014 Te Whare Ra (TWR) Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough


John Volkmann (Twitter: @johnvolkmann | LinkedIn: john-volkmann-89348a)
QDVision (Website)
Momentum: How Companies Become Unstoppable Market Forces (Amazon)
Ron Ricci (Twitter: @RonRicciCisco)
Uber and Lyft End Rides in Austin to Protest Fingerprint Background Checks (NY Times)

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